Art Challenge; Superheroes

POW! Bamm!! Shazaammmm! Ziiing! BOOOOM

We are surrounded by super heroes! Marvel, DC Comics or whatever your thing is; we all have an idea of who our favorite superhero is. However, what kind of superhero would YOU be? Would you even be a hero or would you be a villain?

Writers take the time to plan out their characters and as artists sometimes we can be guilty for just creating a pretty picture and moving on without thinking about the backstory.

Not this time, guys.

Who are you and what super powers (or not) would you have? Do you best to try and mimic a comic book style. Stippling, primary colors and bold lines may trigger a few ideas.

Here are a few photos that I’ve plucked out to serve as my inspiration.


Jack Kirby


Rick Leonardi


John Cassady

Please feel free to share your comic book style artwork! Bonus points to those who have designed a character based off of themselves.

Stay tuned for WIPs, my thoughts on the project and ultimately…my finished product.

Toodles, everyone!

Tidy Up: Mini Goal Updates

We continue to struggle with staying on top of chores. With a baby on the way it’s time to start nesting. We think that laundry is bad now? I have nightmares of what it’s going to be like when the baby needs changes constantly.

My original post stated that I had a few goals.

  1. Create a calendar for chores. 
  2. Organize my laundry schedule system so that I can get through laundry days more efficiently.
  3. Find some tips and tricks for laundry

Create a calendar for chores. 

Our calendar has been planned out and I’ve added a “Honey Do” section where Erik and I can write in a simple chore that we’d like to see each other do. This keeps us on the same page and hopefully will end arguing when the big cleaning days come around. No more avoiding the big tasks! I’ll be creating a printable version to share with you all soon!

Organize my laundry schedule system so that I can get through laundry days more efficiently.

Alexa is my best friend. With this awesome gadget I can ask her to set a timer for an hour and a half so that once my laundry finishes drying I can run back downstairs and start another load. I had been NOTORIOUS for forgetting laundry down in our basement laundry room while I do other tasks. Now that I have Alexa singing classical music to me and keeping a timer for me I have no reason to fall behind on laundry. This mini goal is…COMPLETED. *high five*

Find some tips and tricks for laundry

Why was I still folding clothing right after they got out of the dryer only to head to the closet and hang them up? I’m not skipping the folding (duh Stace) and only folding the articles of clothing that need to be hung. I’m also making sure that clothing is put away by placing them right on our bed so that we have to put them away if we want to sleep that night. 🙂 I still want to find one or two more LIFE CHANGING tips before I consider this one completed.

How are you guys doing on staying on top of those boring chores around the house?

Featured Etsy Seller- Samsara Macrame

I make it no secret that I love things that are handmade. I believe that the world is full of highly talented people.

Check out a few of my recent favorites from Samsara Macrame!

What I love about this shop is the wide variety of unique macrame items. Can someone sign me up for this first necklace? Beautifully done!

All of these below photos belong to Samsara Macrame.


Macrame Mandala Necklace


Micro Macrame Choker


Macrame Brass Earrings

Pilates- Mini Goals (Pregnancy Style)

I’ve always wanted to try Pilates.

OK. I lie. I wanted to try Pilates because I hate exercise and need something to build up my strength. I don’t know much about Pilates because I’ve always focused on Yoga. It’s time to dabble in something new especially now that I’m pregnant.

So where do we all start when we want to research a new physical activity before trying it? Yes, usually the internet. I’m currently needing to find a way to ease into Pilates that won’t kill me right now with the pregnancy. Feel free to share your resources!

My mini goals

  1. Be able to write and share with the blog what Pilates actually is. (Good start, eh?)
  2. Find and try Pilates for the first time
  3. Perform Pilates 3x

Wow, pretty easy goals, but with the fact that I need to be careful about certain poses and such it’s a much needed start to a healthy life for me and the baby!

Have you guys ever tried Pilates? What resources have you found helpful?

If you have any blogs related to Pilates please feel free to share so I can begin my journey.

Sending all of my love,


Mini Goals: Social Anxiety

My online voice is strong, confident and sure of herself. In person I CAN be like that once I’m confident (I can be a total chatterbox), but more often than not I am very quiet. It’s this dumb social anxiety that I picked up when I was young. Around huge crowds I get irritable, quiet and find it very hard to come out of my shell.

I’ve had very few very close friends. I have some deep rooted trust issues which I’ll explain at a later time regarding my sister and my grandmother, but since this is going to be a positive day…we’ll leave those two alone today.

I want to start working on being less shy and more social. I need to start making friends outside of my little comfort zone. I want to practice getting comfortable in large groups of people. Am I being weird? I totally think so, but I’m sure a few of you can relate to the feeling of needing a few great friends.

My little goals are quite simple:

  1. Head out with some friends or coworkers
  2. Enjoy a holiday party and try to interact with those I’m not familiar with
  3. Spoil myself a bit to feel special and worthy of new friendship


What about you guys, are you a social butterfly or are you a quiet observer like myself?

I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far!

All my love,

Stacia (and Gummi Bear)



Woooo Boy, it’s Been a While!

Hi y’all!! I know it’s been a while. Things have been crazy and I have some big news to share.

I’m having a baby!!!

Feel free to dance, say a prayer for me or do whatever you want.

I have lots to do to prepare for my first child who is due to arrive June 12.

Painting has been on pause because my brain has been fried. Not just fried….emptied out completely. Getting into an artistic mood has been tough when my mind keeps going back to the fact that my belly is now starting to bloat, I’ve been sick constantly and I’ve been moody.

A snappy kind of moody. It’s not cute.

However, we saw our “Gummi Bear” a few weeks ago and finally heard the heartbeat. I am completely in love. I’m looking forward to the upcoming joys and the new hurdles I’ll have to climb over. It’s the best kind of wake up call to really get back into the swing of getting life back together.

I’ll be restarting all the goals and challenges, because I need the motivational kick in the butt. I need all of your help keeping me motivated and I hope I can keep you moving forward too!

With lots of love,

Stacia (and Gummi Bear)

Yoga Challenge: Mini Goal Updates

This has been a great set of goals for me! I’ve had a lot of fun looking up new sequences and concentrating on moving forward with more yoga in my fitness routine. I know you guys are aware that I’m trying very hard to use exercise to lift myself out of my rut. I’m excited to share my progress with you!

  1. I want to find a new beginner yoga sequence.
  2. I want to practice a short routine to stretch when I get up in the morning.
  3. I want to pick an intermediate pose to work on.
  4. I will practice yoga 2x daily 3 days a week, but at least one time daily. (For a month to consider this goal a success.)

Goal 1: I want to find a new beginner yoga sequence.

I have FLAB. 😦 I want to get rid of this belly crap so I can stop grabbing it and shaking it at Erik when he tells me I’m not fat. (I know I’m not, but that skin needs to figure itself out.)

So I found this one which doesn’t always work great with my weakling arms, but I love some of the stretching I feel. I am notorious for trying to avoid anything that resembles a plank. I chose this one in an effort to start working on it some more. 🙂

2. I want to practice a short routine to stretch when I get up in the morning.

I will admit that I’ve been terrible with yoga since starting our move to South Carolina. I normally love some Sun Salutations first thing in the morning, but I haven’t been very good. However, I still sneak yoga in while I paint so there is definitely a lot of yoga still going on.

3. I want to pick an intermediate pose to work on.

I chose the Standing Split Pose and have been taking photos of myself while working on it. (I make the craziest faces while I yoga-away). I’ve never been able to do a split and my hips so problematic that I could write a short story based off them. Instead, I bust my butt so I can end that trend! The other two poses are great for a challenge too! Check out that original post: Here!

Standing Split

4. I will practice yoga 2x daily 3 days a week, but at least one time daily. (For a month to consider this goal a success.)

This has been less consistent than I’d like. I definitely do a short routine at least once daily, but I’ve had a hard time sneaking in that second set. Erik suggested that I try one to stretch out my hips before going to sleep which has always been a problem area for me. If you know of any great routines for the hips, let me know! 🙂

I hope you guys have been in bright spirits! I’m getting WAY better (I promise) and look forward to keeping you guys motivated, upbeat and feeling loved!



Art Organization: Mini Goals

It really is time to find a way to store and transport my art and art supplies. When it’s time to move (and it’s fast approaching) I really need to find a great way to keep everything safe, but accessible. My canvases and paintings are enormous so finding a way to get them together is a challenge.

Here are only 3 challenges that I’m facing and as usual, I have to turn them into mini goals or else I’ll blow them off until last minute. (Because painting is far more fun than organizing the supplies.)

Big Goal: All Art Supplies Stored Away

Mini goals!!

1. Organize my finished canvas pieces- have them stored

2. Art Supplies for Painting organized and portable

3. Drawing supplies and sketchbooks are stored


Do you guys have any methods to organizing your crafts and supplies? Feel free to share the ideas below in the comment section or contact me using the link in the top menu. 🙂


Aries Artistic Jewelry


I have to introduce you to one of my favorites on Etsy. Aries Artistic Jewelry sells fantastic silver jewelry. I love the bohemian feel and the owner has been an Etsy buddy for a while now! Suzi keeps adding more stunning pieces to her shop and almost all of them are on my wishlist (which I show Erik frequently…).


Here are some of my favorite necklaces:


Aren’t they beautiful? Suzi has been a part of a few of my promoting teams. She’s a fantastic woman who clearly has a ton of talent. xoxo

If I could buy them all, I would. I’ve featured the middle set of earrings before in my treasuries and I still think they’re my favorite piece within the shop. (Many close second place pieces though!)


Please do check out her shop! You can find the link to her shop up above and RIGHT HERE!

What do you guys think? Should I buy it all?!

It’s be an honor raising my shop along side Aries Artistic Jewelry. Suzi is fantastic and loved to bits. Be sure to pay her a visit soon!

Pineapple Painting

So here is a piece of artwork that I want sold and out of my home. I do love this piece and we all know that I adore pineapples due to my search to collaborate on more projects based on them. They’re just too fun!

I’ve added this piece to my Etsy shop. I always worry that my art pieces get buried with all my vintage finds, but they always seem to find their way onto people’s favorite lists anyways! That’s a relief because it’s always a fun surprise to find my artwork circling around the world wide web. It’s a fun and exciting process!


Feel free to jump over to my Etsy listing if you are interested in this piece for your home.