Art Challenge; Superheroes

POW! Bamm!! Shazaammmm! Ziiing! BOOOOM

We are surrounded by super heroes! Marvel, DC Comics or whatever your thing is; we all have an idea of who our favorite superhero is. However, what kind of superhero would YOU be? Would you even be a hero or would you be a villain?

Writers take the time to plan out their characters and as artists sometimes we can be guilty for just creating a pretty picture and moving on without thinking about the backstory.

Not this time, guys.

Who are you and what super powers (or not) would you have? Do you best to try and mimic a comic book style. Stippling, primary colors and bold lines may trigger a few ideas.

Here are a few photos that I’ve plucked out to serve as my inspiration.


Jack Kirby


Rick Leonardi


John Cassady

Please feel free to share your comic book style artwork! Bonus points to those who have designed a character based off of themselves.

Stay tuned for WIPs, my thoughts on the project and ultimately…my finished product.

Toodles, everyone!


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