Woooo Boy, it’s Been a While!

Hi y’all!! I know it’s been a while. Things have been crazy and I have some big news to share.

I’m having a baby!!!

Feel free to dance, say a prayer for me or do whatever you want.

I have lots to do to prepare for my first child who is due to arrive June 12.

Painting has been on pause because my brain has been fried. Not just fried….emptied out completely. Getting into an artistic mood has been tough when my mind keeps going back to the fact that my belly is now starting to bloat, I’ve been sick constantly and I’ve been moody.

A snappy kind of moody. It’s not cute.

However, we saw our “Gummi Bear” a few weeks ago and finally heard the heartbeat. I am completely in love. I’m looking forward to the upcoming joys and the new hurdles I’ll have to climb over. It’s the best kind of wake up call to really get back into the swing of getting life back together.

I’ll be restarting all the goals and challenges, because I need the motivational kick in the butt. I need all of your help keeping me motivated and I hope I can keep you moving forward too!

With lots of love,

Stacia (and Gummi Bear)


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