Pilates- Mini Goals (Pregnancy Style)

I’ve always wanted to try Pilates.

OK. I lie. I wanted to try Pilates because I hate exercise and need something to build up my strength. I don’t know much about Pilates because I’ve always focused on Yoga. It’s time to dabble in something new especially now that I’m pregnant.

So where do we all start when we want to research a new physical activity before trying it? Yes, usually the internet. I’m currently needing to find a way to ease into Pilates that won’t kill me right now with the pregnancy. Feel free to share your resources!

My mini goals

  1. Be able to write and share with the blog what Pilates actually is. (Good start, eh?)
  2. Find and try Pilates for the first time
  3. Perform Pilates 3x

Wow, pretty easy goals, but with the fact that I need to be careful about certain poses and such it’s a much needed start to a healthy life for me and the baby!

Have you guys ever tried Pilates? What resources have you found helpful?

If you have any blogs related to Pilates please feel free to share so I can begin my journey.

Sending all of my love,



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