Mini Goals: Social Anxiety

My online voice is strong, confident and sure of herself. In person I CAN be like that once I’m confident (I can be a total chatterbox), but more often than not I am very quiet. It’s this dumb social anxiety that I picked up when I was young. Around huge crowds I get irritable, quiet and find it very hard to come out of my shell.

I’ve had very few very close friends. I have some deep rooted trust issues which I’ll explain at a later time regarding my sister and my grandmother, but since this is going to be a positive day…we’ll leave those two alone today.

I want to start working on being less shy and more social. I need to start making friends outside of my little comfort zone. I want to practice getting comfortable in large groups of people. Am I being weird? I totally think so, but I’m sure a few of you can relate to the feeling of needing a few great friends.

My little goals are quite simple:

  1. Head out with some friends or coworkers
  2. Enjoy a holiday party and try to interact with those I’m not familiar with
  3. Spoil myself a bit to feel special and worthy of new friendship


What about you guys, are you a social butterfly or are you a quiet observer like myself?

I hope you are enjoying the weekend so far!

All my love,

Stacia (and Gummi Bear)




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