Art Organization: Mini Goals

It really is time to find a way to store and transport my art and art supplies. When it’s time to move (and it’s fast approaching) I really need to find a great way to keep everything safe, but accessible. My canvases and paintings are enormous so finding a way to get them together is a challenge.

Here are only 3 challenges that I’m facing and as usual, I have to turn them into mini goals or else I’ll blow them off until last minute. (Because painting is far more fun than organizing the supplies.)

Big Goal: All Art Supplies Stored Away

Mini goals!!

1. Organize my finished canvas pieces- have them stored

2. Art Supplies for Painting organized and portable

3. Drawing supplies and sketchbooks are stored


Do you guys have any methods to organizing your crafts and supplies? Feel free to share the ideas below in the comment section or contact me using the link in the top menu. 🙂



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