Self Portrait- Progress Update- WIP

When the only person you really have to impress is staring back at you in the mirror while working on the self portrait. I’m happier than I thought I would be, but I’m still not sure what I want to do with the background. Really hoping that I get struck with a great idea as I keep working on “her”.

I began with the sketch which I posted earlier. Now I transferred the basic shapes to the canvas lightly so I can have a few guidelines to work along as I paint.


I’m also working on defining the background. Peace, love and treating people right is something I believe in strongly. So adding a dove was a natural choice for me. ❤ I didn’t add many details into the dove because I want the freedom to be within the bird as opposed to the portrait portion. We’ll see how it goes as I start with my painting process next.




Enjoy that double eye ball on the right. Instead of butchering it with more lines, I’ll be right in the middle. Haha! What a trip this past week has been. I’m going to try not to be hard on myself with this project.

I still recommend attempting a self portrait. Nothing forces you to try to be more honest as an artist than tackling your own image. Feel free to check out the original post!


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