Collaborators Wanted: Pineapple

Ayman from 23 Palomino Boutique sent me a pineapple with this quote:


Yes, ma’am! Anyone who knows me knows that I love hiding messages into my art in the form of different objects. This quote pretty much sums up my view on pineapples (apparently I’m not as original of a thinker as I thought I was!) Haha!

I’m seeking an artist (or several) to collaborate on some tropical/pineapple themed art pieces. Glam it up or make it goth. It’s your creativity mixed with my colorful spins. If you are interested feel free to post below or contact me using the link in the top menu. xoxo If you have a project that has sat unfinished I can add my spin onto it and send it back. To make it fair we can work on two projects for both of us to keep for our portfolios (or home!)

I hope you’re all having a rockin’ day today!




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