Beach Boost

Hi guys, had to share our latest couple selfie from Sunday when he drove me 2 hours to the beach to cheer me up. I feel better since discussing my Depression with my significant other. I have a long road ahead of me to start feeling better and someone emailed me asking why I don’t set mini goals to start digging myself out of Depression.

You clever love-bug, you. Thank you for the long and wonderfully supportive email. It was moving and you made my day yesterday. You are correct; I’m not alone. Thank you, my anonymous sweetheart. Here’s some smiles in dedication for you and your big heart! Your actions and your kind note DID matter to me. It’s the small and thoughtful things that change moods.



Don’t mind me though! I usually don’t look so messy. It was a rough weekend discussing my problems with him. So I don’t look as polished and my eyes are totally puffy from our emotional chats. Isn’t he the sweetest though?


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