Knowing Where to Start with Money: Mini Goals

Avoidance certainly isn’t going to solve a financial problem or a bad habit that you’ve picked up.

Budgeting is so foreign to me. I can create one, but putting it into practice is a real nightmare! We all need it to be able to function in the world, but some of us aren’t all that responsible with it.

At least not yet.

I do like this page which was created by Bank of America for starting to learn to manage your money.

Beginning with a goal in mind is helpful: We want to get out of debt.


We definitely have other financial goals, but come on, we have to take care of our debt first before we…take on another debt (with a different name: a mortgage). It’s not fun having terrible credit and more debt than you can shake a stick at. How did we get here? Not listening to our parents, ignoring sound advice and definitely avoiding long term responsibility. 

BIG GOAL: Pay off all Owed Debts 

The Mini Goals!

  1. Gather all bills, credit notices, etc to determine who I owe and how much.
  2. Create a budget that: saves money and pays off debt.
  3. Pay off one bill completely

Eew, right? Talking about money used to be boring or would cause awful anxiety. Well…deal with it. Money exists. We need it and our well being (sadly) is dictated by how much of it we have.

Have you guys begun your research to start crawling out of your hole of debt? Don’t sweat it and don’t feel judged here. I’ve got boxes of stuff that I need to face like an adult now. You’re welcome to join me as we piece our lives together.

Sending tons of love and support!





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