Etsy Seller Feature: CowsCarrotsCrafts

What’s shakin’ guys?! Did you guys have an awesome Saturday or what? I spent yesterday with my Ma getting some Etsy stuff done. Which leads me to this little shop that I have to feature:


My name is Jen Stoltz, and I am currently a Trent University student studying both environmental resource management and Geography. This summer I’ve have been given an awesome opportunity to work at an Organic Farm! I get to work with my hands learning a new skill to help maintain the sustainability of agriculture. Working on a farm like this is a dream job for me, and I cannot wait to see what the summer holds for me.

In order to make a little money on the side, you know, I’ve opened up a store on Etsy called CowsCarrotsCrafts, that will sell my handmade crafts. So far the store is filled with cards. Both scrapbook style, and simple designs that feature photography. In the near future I also hope to feature various crotchet and knitted items or just about anything else that I can think up!

So, if you like the idea of helping me eat food and pay for school, and getting some cute handcrafted items… you are more than welcome to support CowsCarrotsCrafts!!!

These are my favorites from the shop. If you’re as addicted to beautiful stationary as I am then this shop will quickly become a favorite!

They’re so beautifully laid out and with beautiful colors, who could I not be impressed. What I also love is the prices for the quality of these cards.


The Road Map Card is beautiful and my favorite from all of the others. Can you believe that these are only $1.43. That is cheaper than a card you purchase from a major retailer. It’s almost too good to be true.


If you’re in need of some pretty blank cards these are feminine and fun! I love having tons of empty cards at the house. I often add a hand written card in when someone makes a large order in my own shop. Then there are those times when you completely space out that you and your significant other were invited to a get together.

Same thing again, they are only $1.43 per card. Once we finish our move down south I will be buying some of these! I’m big of having cards that are different and these are so beautiful!


We end the post with a bit of gratitude and positive vibes!

Seriously, I’m obsessed with these cards! I know in my life I cannot tell my loved ones and my outstanding friends how much they’re really appreciated. I know I wouldn’t be half the woman I am today without a whole large group of people. I like to show them that they’re always on my mind with cards when they just helped me out with something they didn’t need to.

(Taking photos of vintage items like crazy this weekend with me….thanks Mom!)

Erik and I will be buying a set of these after our move as well. We will be having a ton of people to reach out to once we get settled in our new space, these cards will be perfect.

I am off to my first coffee for the morning! Talk to you guys soon, but please check out Jen’s fantastic shop!





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