April 2016 Yoga Challenge: Beginner Yoga

It’s time to start running after that deeper stretch and to start committing myself to yoga more. Have you given yoga a shot yet? If you haven’t start with a beginner yoga sequence to get an idea of the flow.

This challenge is going to be different. I want you to choose between the following intermediate level yoga poses to practice after your normal beginner sequences. If you’ve never done yoga before these are meant to be a little more challenging and some work to reach the pose.

Yoga is one of those practices that you get better and better at over time. However, each time you get on the mat you do something great for your body to start moving your body closer and closer to these goals.

Bow Pose

This is the Bow pose!

Crane Pose

Crane Pose

Standing Split

Standing Split Pose

Feel free to pick one and show off your progress! I will start featuring stories showing off everyone’s progress as they follow the mini goals and challenges.

Which one are you going to start working on?

I’ve chosen to start working on the Standing Split Pose! My hips and legs are my weakest and least flexible area. This will be an awesome challenge! I’m excited to show off as I work on this pose!


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