Get Inspired by Florals

I need to update my closet! I’m down from a size 18 into a size 12. Needless to say, my clothing isn’t fitting right these days.

I love fashion, but if you were to peek through my window (and please don’t…you’ll probably see me singing using that stupid Karaoke app) you’d see I love clothes that can get messy…because I paint…y’know?!

However, I really want to pull it together and have a wardrobe that reflects that I’m an artist AND fashion forward. How do you find trendy items, but with an edge that screams artistic?

Color. Lots of it. Lots of blang blang too.

Really though, I’ve always thought of fashion as an art. It’s a balance game (just like our canvases). If we go glamzilla with makeup, we better tone it down elsewhere. If we have statement earrings on, maybe you skip the statement necklace. Because just like any “statement”, if two are said at once you have a whole lotta noise and nothing effective being done.

So why am I talking about florals and balance? Big prints are my things especially while I paint. I’m going to try mixing loud or interesting florals into my wardrobe.

Here are some favorites:


Azbro- Floral Stylish Surplice Front Romper $15.62


2 thoughts on “Get Inspired by Florals

  1. aymanpalomino says:

    I am in love with that blue blouse with the yellow flowers!! 😀
    And yes, i agree, at some point we need to “establish” a style identity and i think it’s really okay if we take our time to get there.
    Oh and congratulations on the weight loss!! 😀


    • colorwithstacia says:

      Isn’t that top just the cutest?!! I think I’m going to buy that blouse. I’m big into the easier, but prettier clothes. I definitely think it’s important to get dressed to represent yourself to the world. 🙂

      And thank you! Hopefully my weight loss can spark permanent healthy changes.



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