Family Post

If you need one reason to work hard until you crash then look know further than beneath and up your family tree. It sounds corny, but I was raised to give my employer an honest full day of hard work. You know you have some great, hard working adults to put the fear of UNEMPLOYMENT in your life.

Calling in sick for a personal health wouldn’t  have flown with my Gramps and my father who worked so hard to run his own company would have flipped out if I skipped a shift because I just didn’t feel like it.

I’m sure that this post might strike a nerve, but you know as well as I do you don’t REALLY have a good excuse not to work. I’m not talking about the folks who are on disability or some other illness. I’m talking about that twenty somethin’ year old who chooses not to show up because they’re hung over or they’ve run into some weird baby mama drama. Everyone has a story that they spin into an excuse.

Doesn’t fly with me.

Show up, do your job and be adult enough to sort through your drama in your free time. If you have too much drama to squeeze into just your free time you need to do some soul searching. I’m just as guilty as everyone else. I have my dramas and I am famous for being more than a little dramatic when it seems like life is being one nasty little wench, but unemployment is a very real reality for some people.

Don’t baby yourself anymore. Your parents did enough of that. Your parents might be able to rub your back and tell you that things are going to be just fine, but until you start accepting accountability for yourself you’ll run into drama after drama. Do yourself the biggest favor and be sure to shut your trap and keep your personal dramas out of the work zone. You’re an adult and you’ll need your coworkers and supervisors to see that you can manage your life. (Even if you HATE the job, don’t you dare burn the bridge by being a dink. You never know who you will need help from in the far decades ahead of you. )

Do your best, that’s all anyone can ask of you. If you aren’t trying then the only person you’re letting down is yourself. Don’t stall your own life’s progress.

My own experience right now is that my life feels like it’s in total chaos with the move we’re trying to plan. It’s not easy to find a job while you’re all the way up north and you’re planning on moving allllllll the way down south. Interviewing isn’t a piece of cake when they want you in…that afternoon.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the men in my family and the advice they give about my work, my career and my personal life. While risks are necessary, there was always a sense of contentment (especially with my grandfather) in just having a job to pay the bills in the community where they already were. There have never really been any giant moves across the country (with the exception of my super talented brother). The move is coming at a good time though when I want to switch into a more creative career field. Maybe escaping this tight community where everyone thinks they have me figured out.

I really need a new place where I can set a new standard for what people try to classify me as. I’m a creative professional with a business brain. I would love to work in an art gallery or own my own studio. Or dare to dream that I can work full time as an artist in Myrtle Beach as an artist at beautiful shows with other artists.

I guess I’m trying to make sure that I’m not doing the Sagitarius thing and leaping into something without thinking it through.

Well guys, I think the men would want me to take a leap of faith for myself, but be prepared to work hard at it.

I’m taking the jump guys and will be pursuing a creative career down south!




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