Collaborators Wanted

I’ve done my best learning as an artist by working beside other artists. Better artists. Different artists. Crafty folks in different mediums are always inspiring and as an artist I always feel tempted to reach out and ask if they’d be interested in collaborations.

So I’m announcing that I’m up for collaborations! I’m seeking other artists who may be interested in projects of all sorts. I use a lot of mediums, but I’m best with acrylic paints.

Artists interested in the following themes are encouraged to reply below or contact me using the contact form above. Themes:

Tropical Flora-

I would love artists or craftspeople to work with on creating a piece with a tropical inspiration. I could paint a motif on your piece or you can work your own artwork on top of my paintings. Whatever your idea may be don’t be shy about reaching out.

Urban Landscape-

I’ve been craving a collaborative painting (perhaps a spray artist) who can turn a landscape I would provide into something unique. HOWEVER, if you want my colorful acrylics on top of something you created that is urban I can certainly put my twist on your project.

If you are interested in doing two projects at once so we both can keep a piece for ourselves for your portfolio or home.



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