Mini Goals: Running update

What’s shakin’ guys?! How is your day going? It’s beautiful today here in NH (at least in my little corner). Went for my first run today and have been looking at my goals to start working towards my first running event. If you are interested in my mini goals feel free to search for the “mini goals” tag on my blog. Here is my first running mini goal post so you can follow along to start your own running journey, but here is a refresher.


Big Goal: First Race Day

  1. Start with a jog, but jog/walk/run for 30 minutes.
  2. Find 5 local events I’m considering joining with different dates
  3. Walk the full 5 kilometers (length of a 5k)

Mini Goal 1-

I went for my first jog today in my neighborhood. I will say I surprised myself and was able to run for about half of the entire 30 minute walk/jog. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it was going to be and while I still have a ton of progress to make I’m excited that I took initiative to start. So I’ll be replacing this goal with  “Jog/walk for 30 minutes 5 times.” I might not enjoy it every time, but any new start is a great start.

Mini Goal 2-

I’m well aware that I’m not ready to RUN my first 5k. I’m keeping my eye open for some friendlier looking events to get me started. I want to be very picky to make sure I have FUN at my first event. Why pay a registration fee to run if it isn’t fun? I’m competitive, but I’m a cheapskate. If I’m going to start getting hooked and competitive it needs to start as a friendly competition. Like little league, right? I have been browsing for running events in my area. Do you guys have any other resources to find running events?

Mini Goal 3-

I haven’t attempted it yet. I’m going to find a local route for this weekend. I’m planning a walk with my mom this weekend. 🙂 Do you think she’ll notice if we walk a full 3+ miles? 😉


Big Goal: First Race Day

  1. Find 5 local events I’m considering joining with different dates
  2. Walk the full 5 kilometers (length of a 5k)
  3. Walk/Run for 30 Minutes 5 times


At least my feet are moving and I’m thinking about those smaller goals. How are you guys doing with fitness today? Any fun accomplishments?


2 thoughts on “Mini Goals: Running update

  1. aymanpalomino says:

    Your mini goals look huge to me! haha Running is a really good initiative 😀
    Where i live, it’s hard to find a place to walk/jog etc, so i recently joined a gym, i’d really prefer a park, but we got none around here.
    I am starting slow, but i’m trying to be steady 🙂


    • colorwithstacia says:

      Hahaha! They aren’t too bad. Running is like pulling teeth. I live in a nice large (and hilly) neighborhood. Running is AWESOME when you’re going downhill. We have this one mega hill that I have to try to run up. Not good. 😉 Great work on starting to get healthy! It takes a lot of maturity and commitment. 🙂 Good luck!!


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