First Run Outside

When I began the mini goals  to start encouraging myself to run, I didn’t realize I was gonna have to hold myself accountable. Shoot! I actually have to do what I say I’m doing!

Never mind the fact that it’s BEAUTIFUL outside, my sneakers are exactly where I took them off (so I can’t use the lost sneaker excuse) and I really don’t have any excuse.

PUMP UP THE JAMS! (If it were only that easy…!)

It was exhausting, but I definitely don’t feel any guilt…because I did it! It wasn’t so bad when you start timing yourself to some Meghan Trainor music. 😉 I started off with a walk and once I got over my own bad attitude I enjoyed my short spurts of jogging trying to last as long as I could through the music.

I officially hit my 30 minutes of exercise today! The first day for the rest of my life, I think. It didn’t suck so bad that I have a need to avoid it. I can spare the time for fitness.

I’m writing this…still winded…still red…and chugging water like it’s beer at a keg party. I will continue with my goals. It was worth it.

So I’m 1/5 of the way through a mini goal. Haha! It just takes a few run sessions to get hooked is what a few friends keep saying. Well, okay, here I am.


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