Tidy on Up: Challenge

We are preparing for a big move down South and we have a ton of junk to get rid of. If you want complete honesty, we have been buried under our stuff since we moved in together. It’s been challenging to try and keep the house clean and find a way to put things in their spots. We’ve been here 2 years and we gave up trying to get everything squared away because we knew pretty quickly that this wasn’t the house for us, we simply can’t afford to stay in the area.

Getting organized is like pulling teeth for me. I fantasize about having a tidy house, but I never seemed to be able to find an efficient way to keep the place clean.

Laundry is our issue for the week. I call it issue for the week because every time we seem to become the masters (temporarily) of one task around the house, we neglect another section of the home.

So this week’s challenge for myself is to get myself organized with some mini goals:

  1. Create a calendar for chores. Ugh. I’m an adult, why do I need this?! (Because you’re a scatter brain.)
  2. Organize my laundry schedule system so that I can remember that laundry is sitting there…wet…or wrinkled in the dryer.
  3. Find some tips and tricks for laundry

Some of you (the adultier adults of us) will be scratching your head as to why some people need to micro manage their lives or organize their lives in quirky ways. Chances are you’ve got a few tips and tricks that no one else knows too. We’re just big into sharing experiences here. Sharing is caring. (Want my spring sniffles and cold?)

I hope that some of you find it at least amusing how I set itty bitty goals for myself. It’s the only way a big picture girl can muddle her way through tedious tasks. I love immediate results so smaller goals are more encouraging as long as the bigger goal is what we’re moving towards.

Anyways, I need to go now to put a new load of clothes into the washing machine!


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