Self Portrait Challenge: WIP

In case you’re wondering what challenge I’ll be referencing throughout the post, I encouraged people to begin a self portrait. See the original post here for the full scoop!

There is something about staring at myself that I felt challenging. While I think I’m beautiful there are always issues that I’d love to fix. I decided to go full-truth mode and go without any makeup and let my hair do it’s own thing. If I’m going to show the truth through an artist’s perspective I wanted the subject to be as it is.

I began by sketching it out first, which wasn’t too difficult. The problem was with the angle that I insisted on trying to have. Anything to be unique-ish, okay? My plan was to have a fun angle so I can work a fun background in that would make it less of a a self portrait and more like an illustration of some chick. (I’m totally teasing!)


I keep debating with myself whether I should redo it and smile, but I was tired and my hair was not havin’ it. Yes, I have a resting sleepy eyes face. I have to try to look wide awake with makeup.

I’m terrible with portraits and not sure where this stands until I start trying to add skin tones and such.

I keep debating about what I should place in the background. Something dark, artsy and beautiful. Grr. Let me ponder some ideas because adding roses would be too obvious of a choice.

If you guys are interested in joining along, please do! Share your self portraits in the comments or click up top and contact me directly! I love seeing your creativity!


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