Fitness Goal: Begin Running

Hi guys, it’s definitely time for me to work on adding fitness into my routine. I’ve wondered for ages about what type of fitness I would likely enjoy. I’ve decided to pick up running and will start joining 5ks, races and other running sport events.

I’m establish 3 mini goals that will help lead me up to my first event. These will change over time. Feel free to join along with me or share your experiences with starting to run!

Big Goal: Race Day

  1. Start with a jog, but jog/walk/run for 30 minutes.
  2. Find 5 local events I’m considering joining with different dates
  3. Walk the full 5 kilometers (length of a 5k)

So the mini goals are small and I’ll make other mini goals as I complete them. I guess this is more of a to-do list than a mini goal challenge, but I’m a competitive person.

Are you guys planning on joining me?

It’s a beautiful day today. I’m putting on my sneakers…right now!


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