Labas ir sveiki atvykę! (Hello and Welcome)

Now don’t go quizzing me on my ability to speak Lithuanian, but I love my roots. I’m half Lithunian and half French Canadian. My parents (especially my Lithuanian Goddess of a mama) taught my brother and I a lot about our roots. We were fortunate to have parents who made sure we at least knew a little bit about the countries our family originates from. I’m very interested in digging into my family’s history right now.

With all my knowledge of Lithuania….I’ve never traveled there. I’m one of the few grandkids  (besides my brother) who have never been. I almost know so much about it that I can imagine what it would be like. I can finally see the country my grandparents loved so much.

You’ll notice quite a few Lithuanian inspired items or artwork as time goes on. Check out this blog’s post about traveling to Vilnius, the capitol city!


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