Why Don’t I Feel Good Yet? Oh, right.

Hi guys this post is a little personal about my recent weight loss, now almost 60 pounds. It happened fast and while I do feel some benefits of losing the weight I’ve been feeling very cruddy lately. If you’re looking for a motivating post this might not be it. I’m tired and I have bat wings! My digestion is all out of whack and my joints still feel awful.

Waah waah, right?

The worst part and the part that began to raise a red flag was my hair thinning out. I used to be famous for thick and unmanageable frizzy blond curls. Now my hair is so thin that we can just forget about putting my hair in a braid. It’s tiny, pathetic and sad.

A huge increase in hair loss in women (I’m still dying while I write this…it’s MY HAIR!) can indicate someone who has been under-eating their daily estimate of calories or not meeting their nutritional needs. In my case it could be one or the other on some days. I’ll be honest in the fact that I didn’t start my diet in the healthiest of way, so please don’t congratulate me on my weight loss. I certainly don’t feel as if I did it the right way.

Yes, diets suck, but there were days with salads that I would feel unbelievably hungry. Calorie intake? I couldn’t even tell you, but I know it was barely anything.

I knew I was going to diet starting in November and work my way through the holidays. Come March I stepped on a scale to find that I had dropped 50 pounds total and now I’m almost at 60. I’m not at my goal yet, but I’m definitely doing it the wrong way.

Exercise has NOT been a part of my routine besides beginners yoga…which I have used as a crutch to not move forward onto anything else.

Why would I share my experience of dropping a ton of weight by being unhealthy about it? Because I want someone else to learn not to be a total whackjob and be healthy. I really want you to learn how to diet and get healthy the right way. I’m also beginning  section of the blog to start meeting life goals and you are encouraged to join along in an upcoming post.

I will be creating posts revolving around lifestyle, health and art challenges. Today, we can all agree I need to focus on getting healthy.

I’m sending you tons of love and good health today. Whatever your struggle is, it’s real, but you’ve got it under control.

Lots of love,




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