Self Aware: Art Challenge

Anyone who knows me know that I think of myself as an artist. I am always in hot pursuit of a new look or a new way of getting something communicated to the world. I feel like as artists we have a whole lot to say, but we need to remember to communicate our messages honestly.

So I begin this challenge:

A Self Portrait

Never are we tempted to exaggerate truths or hide problems when the spotlight turns back on ourselves. I paint other things because I consider THEM beautiful, but do I consider myself beautiful too?

Take your time to sit in front of a MIRROR to look yourself in the eyes to work through a self portrait. You owe yourself the honesty, right? Be vulnerable if you need to, show strength if you have to, bring in a prop that makes you feel safe if necessary. The point is for you to spend a ton of effort turning your self portrait into a project that represents yourself and how you want the world to look at you as an artist.

Paint it, draw it, sculpt it, piss it in the snow (if there is any left) for all I care. However, be honest and kind to yourself through the process. If you have a problem or get stuck….turn the paper/canvas over 90 degrees and do anything your artistic brain feels it must. Then keep turning your paper over and over and over until you get through your work.

I will be sharing the challenge with you and will post works in progress. If you have a self portrait already feel free to share it with us. If you haven’t, feel free to join along to stretch out your artistic muscles!


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