Health Challenge: My Numbers

So I confessed a dirty secret in my last post about how terrible I’ve been with my unhealthy dieting. My body has been screaming for me to get better and I’m going to listen. If I can lose 60 pounds then I can turn it into a positive experience by getting healthy.

While I would love to throw some ab exercise challenge in your face (someday soon) I think it’s important to establish some nutritional goals and some goals revolving around research before I begin doing flappy jacks in my front yard in front of my neighbors. I need to know what I’m doing and my past mistake by dieting in an unhealthy way indicates that I need to do some learning.

My challenge to YOU is to find out what your numbers are right now. Go step on a scale.

BMI is Body Mass Index. Some people like this way of measuring while others hate it. Frankly, it’s none of my business. If my doctor uses it (and he does) then I will too. I use this BMI calculator to get a general idea of what my numbers are.

For example, I am 5ft 9 and 184 pounds which gives me a body mass index of 27.2 which puts me in the category of being considered overweight. The site’s recommended weight for me is between 125 and 169. My original goal was to get to 150, but after reviewing the information along with my recent health issues revolving my fast weight loss I will change my goal to 160 which leaves 24 pounds remaining.

Next health posts will give great updates on my health, my adjusted diet, new fitness and other more hopeful, but honest experiences.

Feel free to share your numbers, your experiences and your thoughts. Remember to always maintain close communication with your doctor on your own personal health issues. Be proactive, not reactive, my friends.

With tons of love today!



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