Health Challenge: Beginner Yoga 2016

Getting healthy is a big step in the right direction for anyone. It is a conscious choice and one that a lot of people never make. Don’t leave your health to chance and prepare your body for the full life it has in front of it. First, let’s get it stretched out with some yoga.

In my attempt to get healthy I did begin my weight loss and unhealthy eating with reduced calories and I began beginners yoga. Sun salutations is the name of the ONE ROUTINE I’ve been using. Yeah, I’m definitely not your health nut yet. Sorry? I’m definitely trying to get myself started in the right direction.

Here is the Sun Salutations Sequence I have been using:


Photo Credit: Buzz Feed

It’s a terrific sequence to start the day and I will admit that I have seen some changes in my posture. Certain back aches that used to be there have since vanished. The results aren’t miraculous physically, but the change on the inside is indescribable.

You make yourself self reliant and self aware. You can either do it…or not. No one else determines your success in yoga besides you. There’s a certain power in knowing that and every time you try a sequence you stretch a muscle that relieves an ache or your brain works out a stress related problem on it’s own during this quiet time.

I highly suggest starting yoga immediately while you try to lose weight. It’s your way of looking down at your feet, your body and be proud of every tiny inch of progress you make.

Does anyone have their own beginner yoga sequences to share?

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