Have You Set a Minimum Calorie Goal?

When it’s time to start thinking about a diet I automatically jump to nothing but green salads and seeds.  I was raised under the roof of a Lithuanian cook. Vodka, potato pancakes  and TERRIBLE beer are typical fare at our family get togethers. I love the food, love the whacky liquor and now it’s so clear how I blew up to obscene weights.

So let’s hit the rewind briefly. I decided just before Thanksgiving that I was going to break the trend of GAINING weight over the holidays and I was going to lose weight. I took it pretty seriously….too seriously. I didn’t start my diet off on the right foot, but I lost a ton of weight. People think I’m dramatic saying that I’m not proud of how I lost the weight, but I’ve done damage to my body which is just not OK. Eat healthy, lost weight in a HEALTHY way. Do your research first to know where your BMI is at.

I weight 184 as of this morning. I have no exercise routine and no healthy eating plan besides eating as few calories through the day as I can to maintain weight loss. Not OK anymore.

I have set a minimum healthy calorie level for myself to stick to. I will also be planning to make sure I eat foods that nourish my body. Dare to dream I take a vitamin too to make my health a priority? So of course I have a narrow window between my minimum calorie intake and maximum calorie intake, but it’ll be a slower and healthier weight drop.

Sure, these seem like no brainers for some, but for those who have lived their life on the yo-yo weight ride getting healthy isn’t always as easy as it seems.

I will share what my plan is next and how I plan on working this actual plan into real life.



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